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The Text Editor of tomorrow
Submitted By Sv3n on 12/11/04
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The Executable File (Beta)v0.2

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Posted 2012/11/05 - 6:15 GMT
Sv3n!!! You're alive!!! You survived the rat!!!
This thing doesn't work.
The folder '/Public/Text Editor' does not exist.
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Posted 2012/11/05 - 14:45 GMT
Hmm... it worked earlier, but that has happened a lot to my files. The file disappears after like 5 minutes.
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Posted 2012/11/05 - 21:03 GMT
Comment removed.
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Posted 2012/11/05 - 21:07 GMT
I think you are doing something wrong. Because I have to log in to DB. Is it a shared file?

Try these steps:
1. Go to the "Public" folder.
2. Upload the file there. Note: only files will work. Folders will not.
3. Right click it and click "Copy Public Link"

If it still doesn't work, try FluffyApp. It's based off CloudApp but is made for Windows.
1 week - 32,767v
Posted 2012/11/06 - 2:05 GMT
It works now.

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